This piece was made 100% on my smartphone using the Autodesk Sketchbook app.

His nme is Killio. Stands 7.5 feet high. Total length from head to tip of tail is 23 feet. Dark grey skin torso sometimes decorated with white markings. Almost pure black tail with silver stomach scales. White hair. Red eyes with white irises. This Naga was originally designed for a Dungeons & Dragons game I played. He is based off of my imagination of my guardian angel. He may appear emotionless and blunt most of the time, or even appear or sound angry. However he is actually very kind and very polite unless you anger him.


Major Site Update For

Changes Include:

  • Change of Theme
  • Traditional Art
    1. Page reorganized 
    2. More art added!
  • Digital art
    1. Page reorganized
    2. More art added!
  • Photography
    1. Currently in the process of having things added and being reorganized.

All art is mine. Some of it is fan art and commission art. But I did or took (photography) every single piece in this site. That being said. Please DO NOT use without my permission.

Other than that, enjoy~ I am actually planing to really get back into adding new art soon.  With college almost ending and my Art show coming up in my next semester I hope to have a few things to share.

Thank you~

Latest Illustration Project

My latest Illustration Project in school: Illustrate and Idiom
Idiom: Racing Against the Clock
Character based on Homura Akemi from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Disclaimer: This is fan art, I am in no way trying to claim Homura as mine)

–Illustrator (For Layout of the gears, the vectorization of the final sketch, and the flat color.)
–Photoshop (For textures and highlights and lighting)
–Micron Ink pens (for the final sketch)

–Metal texture (free to use w/ alter texture found online)
–Gears: Free to use from alteration)
–Lightbeams: Photoshop brush I found somewhere a long time ago and a default brush