Crystal Couple Low Poly

Crystal Couple Low Poly

Low poly vector portrait of two of my friends.
Made with Adobe Illustrator


Graphic Design Project: Poster Design, Soviet Satire

Graphic Design Project: Design a poster based on the style of a cold war era propaganda poster.
Poster is a satire on the pro-soviet propaganda posters of the cold war era.
“Those who have not learned from the past are doomed to repeated it”
(I know it is low quality. I have the original Adobe Illustrator file)


Pokemon GO Team Poster

With the increasing popularity of Pokemon GO and the competition between Teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct, I have created a little poster using the team emblems and a quote from Pokemon: Power of One (2000).

Title: Pokemon GO Team Poster
Type: Graphic Design/Poster Design
Software: Adobe Illustrator

Arafel Fischer
July 12, 2016

No use without permission
No derivative works without permission
No distribution without permission.


Lunean Empress

Finally finished my latest piece. This is a depiction of my own mental self image. How I think I look. Even if my body looks human, I do not see myself as such. Also used as a character for roleplays.

Made entirely on my phone using the Autodesk Sketchbook app. Body position was based on a photo of a real person.